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Katy Hearn Fit

Katy Hearn is a local fitness phenomenon. She developed her own training system and diet to get herself in shape, which she shared via Instagram. Her regimen took off like a rocket. She gained over a million followers. Soon, requests for help rolled in, so Katy became a certified personal fitness trainer to help other women become their best, most fit selves. Now, she has her own website, fitness plans, apparel and more.

Katy came to us needing help with her new fitness facility. We were tasked with designing a sound system for an 8,000 sq. ft. concrete sports training facility with 30 ft. ceilings that produced sound that was easy to hear and impactful. This job definitely kept us on our toes.

We kicked the project off by partnering with Community Sound to design a system that provides clarity when music contained heavy lows, crisp highs and everything in between. The same system also prevents the sound from just bouncing off the concrete walls, an important element for any gym.

Katy also wanted to be able to control the system easily from any area of the gym. So we installed a Biamp Nexia system with several wall controls and inputs for mobile devices (i.e., iPods or iPhones) to control music selection and volume levels.

Katy and her fiancé Haydn trusted our team through every step of the process. Even when they were out of the country on vacation, we continued our work on the facility to have it up and running when they returned. We met the deadline and added one more happy client to our portfolio.

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