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University of Kentucky

Throughout it’s history, University of Kentucky’s athletic programs have been huge. Though they are known mostly for their championship-winning basketball program, each of their sports teams has a large following and dedicated fans. So we were stoked to partner with them in creating systems for several of their new stadiums and facilities. Though each project we worked on with UK was unique, we were able to bring them all together with one common thread: sound.

One tech team controls the sound systems for all the stadiums and fields. So it made sense to install the same sound console campus wide to allow them to have consistency and familiarity when they move from venue to venue. We chose the Allen Heath rack-mount mixing consoles with iPad/iPhone controls so that the techs could sit with the fans and still run the system. This was a huge hit with the tech team and the university.

Since the stadiums and facilities were new constructions, we got to work with different groups of builders. They were all awesome to work with, and we made friends that we stay in touch with to this day. With the campus more than an hour from our offices and projects that spanned the seasons, we traveled through both snowstorms and 100 degree heat to complete these projects. Our crew loved working on each one and the results show our passion for the job.

The media director who handles all the sports facilities at UK was also very impressed with our team’s work. He sent everyone on our crew a handwritten holiday card this past season to wish us Merry Christmas and thank us for our service and friendship. Coming from a school known for it’s winning teams, that gesture meant a lot to everyone on our team.

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