Foolproof Systems That Work When You Need Them

Imagine: A big video conference with an important potential client. You turn on the monitor and there’s no picture. On their end, there’s no sound. What could have been the biggest account on record now teeters in the balance because your conference room setup doesn’t work when it should.

We know every meeting is an important one, and your equipment should be the last of your worries. So we provide conference room solutions that work. For large facilities, manufacturing and restaurants, we also create paging systems and background music setups that are intuitive to use and sound crystal clear without being overly loud.

We address on-site acoustics issues and design systems that include videoconferencing, hi-def displays, sound systems and intercoms. We organize the components and ensure that each piece is clearly labeled for your staff. Our systems aren’t over-engineered. We give you just what you need in a functional, easy-to-learn system that works. And if you still need training for your staff, we do that too.

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