Share Your Message With Impact And Clarity

Cathedrals, mosques, churches and tabernacles — we have served thousands of houses of worship with our custom systems. We let your voice reach the highest of heights and the furthest of pews. We’ve created systems for single ministers, traditional vocal ensembles, gospel choirs and full-production contemporary bands — we’ll do any size space and at any scale.

Through a combination of acoustic treatments and audio, video and lighting systems, we ensure that each seat in the house is the best seat in the house. We bring clarity and intelligibility to every voice, even the quietest prayer.

We also understand the importance of cost efficiency, so we don’t push a hard upsell. We’ll even present our custom solution to the church to showcase the plan and gain approval, if necessary. We simply create systems that meet your needs and fit your budget. And we provide training on all equipment — even stuff you already own. 

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