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Off The Record

Some of the most creative and fun-loving guys on the planet make up the SystemMax team. You can trust us to be the authorities on all things audio, video and lighting. Some of us are true rockstars in our own right, too. Learn more about what makes these specialists so “special.”

Max Maxwell

Born and raised in Southern Ind., Max has spent more than three decades studying sound in both live and recording applications. He was blessed with a great set of ears, which he uses to identify room acoustics issues and tune sound systems.

A veteran of the Louisville, Ky. music scene and a member of The Louisville Crashers, Max has also performed and recorded with numerous local, regional and national artists, including Trace Adkins, Kid Rock, Chaka Khan, N’SYNC, Michael McDonald and Days of the New. He performed on the nationally televised Grand Ole Opry, has toured the U.S. and Europe and worked as a musician and engineer for major record labels in New York, Los Angeles and Nashville.

Max is an avid crossfitter and road cyclist, but his true love is spending time with his beautiful wife and five kids. When not working in audio, video, lighting or music in some way, you may also find him relaxing by reading or taking in a good movie.

Darryl Johnson

Upon first impression you may think Darryl to be old school, and you’d be partially right. Darryl grew up on a small farm in Marysville, Indiana and learned discipline, honesty and work ethic with the guidance of a strict but loving father. But THAT is where old school stops.

Music was always there for Darryl, even from the early years of performing with his family’s gospel quartet at local area churches. As he grew, so did his performing, along with childhood friend Max Maxwell and his brother. They became part of an all-original band that performed with national acts like Travis Tritt and Blake Shelton to name a few. And you’ll especially enjoy hearing about Darryl’s years and travel as an accredited professional hypnotist. Yep, you read that right.

So as you see “old school” doesn’t clearly define Darryl. He teaches people from his experiences in performance and in human behavior. He brings knowledge and understanding of how imagery, spoken word, and ambiance, permeate people’s thinking.

Today, Darryl is a proud father of two and the Co-Owner/Partner of SystemMax. Long distance cycling is one of his main hobbies, but that doesn’t stop him from enjoying a handmade cigar, or a craft bourbon to maintain balance in life. And what a life to balance.

Dylan Curry

Dylan has a passion for music. He graduated from Louisville’s Youth Performing Arts School with a focus in concert band and jazz improvisational music. He then attended Full Sail University in Orlando, Fla., where he studied audio engineering and music production and earned his bachelor’s degree in recording arts.

Dylan later returned to his home city to work as an audio production technician, recording engineer and live sound engineer for local and national artists. He came to SystemMax in 2012 as an installer and soon moved up to installation manager.

Rick Day

Since 1977, Rick has worked professionally in live sound and lighting. He owns Stage Crow Productions, which provides sound systems, staging and lighting for local, regional and national performing artists.

Rick joined SystemMax in 2013, bringing his extensive AVL experience to our team. He specializes in all things staging, but has years of experience in all aspects of our services.

Jonathan Edwards

Born in Indianapolis, Ind., and raised in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., Jonathan later earned his bachelor’s degree from Messiah College in Mechanicsburg, Penn. After, he worked full-time in the ministry and part-time as a DJ in Harrisburg, Penn./Washington, D.C. area.

He relocated to southern Indiana in 2014 and joined the SystemMax team as our video design specialist, but he is equally as skilled in professional audio and lighting and installation.