Rockstars Of The Audio, Video, Lighting Industry

Darryl Johnson and Max Maxwell, lifelong friends and musicians, had worked together on other projects. But when they joined forces to create SystemMax, it was a collaboration that just felt right.

The two brought together decades of experience, integrity and passion to a lackluster industry. The region had been screaming for an audio, video and lighting company that had depth in design, installation and use of the equipment that they sell. SystemMax has all that and more.

From their base in Jeffersonville, Ind., they created a team of professionals with a passion for audio, video and lighting and the skills to do the job right. Clients across the Midwest have spread the word about SystemMax, and the company is proud to say they have many repeat customers. Some use only a few of their services, some use all. But they all are fans of the dynamic duo and their backup team.

As a company, SystemMax promotes a culture of creativity, high energy and a bent toward fun. It’s part of their belief that happy workers lead to happier clients, and their clients are all pretty happy.