What All the Offices Are Rocking in 2016

  • September 9, 2016

Forget the neutral colored walls and desks with tons of computers, monitors and wires all over the place. No more stuffy conference rooms with giant wooden tables and a sterile looking phone system. And ditch that overhead projector unit that never seems to work properly. Corporate spaces today are morphing into open offices with standing desks and collaboration areas with smaller tables, comfy chairs and Wi-Fi everywhere.

Welcome to the office space of 2016 and beyond.

Offices now rely on wireless everything. Laptops and tablets connect to hi-def TV screens and projectors without a dongle (can we all admit that “dongle” is a really stupid word?). Smartphones feed into conference calls via Bluetooth speaker systems. In many spaces, the only wires you see are charging cords plugged into outlets.

Transitioning your space into the space of today (or the future!) doesn’t have to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, either. A lot of the new technologies can even save you some money and time. LED lighting lasts longer and uses much less power. And sound systems can make sure your message is heard from anywhere in your space. Some systems even have apps that allow users to control everything from a mobile device.

Hi-def video systems and projectors provide easy collaboration in the office or around the world. They capture video that’s crisp and sound that’s intelligible, and then display it on an equally as clear TV or monitor and speaker system. New technologies mean you never miss a moment during an important videoconference. And they’re a lot easier to use than some of the old systems.

When you come to SystemMax, we can set up your offices and collaboration spaces with the latest in hi-def TVs and projectors, LED lighting systems, phone systems and other wireless technologies. We’ve worked with many companies to bring in top-performing systems that can be used by just about anyone. And we ensure our systems won’t interfere with your networks. Plus, if your staff needs training on any components, we can do that too.