In Audio, Video, and Lighting

We craft solutions customized for your exact space and your unique needs.


We create systems that provide clarity and intelligibility of voice as well as concert quality musical reproduction. No venue is too big or too small. We work in conference rooms, sports facilities, arenas, schools, churches, restaurants — any place that benefits from having a quality sound system.


From 4K projection units to streaming video cameras and high-definition video displays, we’ll create the perfect system for your venue that also fits your budget. We even offer presentation software to create videos intrigue and catch the eye.


We take the time to create custom lighting systems for your specific space. By visiting your venue, we learn about your current needs and hopes for the future.

Acoustics Treatment

Any sound system will only sound as good as your room allows. By putting some of your budget into the acoustic design, we can potentially save you big money on your sound system. After all, when the acoustics are right, even smaller systems can deliver huge sound.

Consulting and Design

We work with engineers, architects and planning teams up front, detailing what you need for your space without a big upsell. Beyond consulting, we hope to earn more of your business. In fact, we can create a plan, design your systems, procure all equipment, install it professionally and train your people on its use (if needed).


We set up all the equipment ourselves and do custom installs for your space. When it’s finished, we provide training for your staff on every component.

Houses of Worship

Through a combination of acoustic treatments and audio, video and lighting systems, we ensure that each seat in the house is the best seat in the house. We bring clarity and intelligibility to every voice, even the quietest prayer.


We’ll create a plan for every space. Low voltage paging systems, affordable sound systems, video projectors, curtains, lighting, stage equipment and classroom collaboration software are just a few of the items we have installed in schools of all sizes.


We know every meeting is an important one, and your equipment should be the last of your worries. So we provide conference room solutions that work. For large facilities, manufacturing and restaurants, we also create paging systems and background music setups that are intuitive to use and sound crystal clear without being overly loud.

Sports Facilities

We’ll visit your facility and do a complete assessment, which includes getting a clear understanding of your expectations and goals. Then, we create a custom designed system that’s sure to make them cheer.

Baron’s Theater

Formerly known as Squirrelly’s Magic Tea Room in Louisville, Baron’s Theater went through a renovation, but didn’t lose any of its mysterious charm. We helped create systems that are conspicuously hidden, but still give guests a magical experience.

University of Kentucky

Throughout it’s history, University of Kentucky’s athletic programs have been huge. Though they are known mostly for their championship-winning basketball program, each of their sports teams has a large following and dedicated fans. So we were stoked to partner with them in creating systems for several of their new stadiums and facilities.

Katy Hearn Fit

Katy Hearn is a local fitness phenomenon. She developed her own training system and diet to get herself in shape, which she shared via Instagram. Her regimen took off like a rocket. She gained over a million followers. Soon, requests for help rolled in, so Katy became a certified personal fitness trainer to help other women become...